Professional Education



Creating a future where companion animal grooming is an enjoyable experience for both the animals and the pet groomer.

Nurturing a new generation of pet groomers whom uphold a strong code of ethics, empathise well with animals whilst being theoretically and technically skilled with pet handling and styling.
We see a pressing need to place greater emphasis on companion animal handling and treatment as well as communication with pet guardians during grooming sessions.
We strongly advocate for humane handling and would like to encourage and educate our future generations of pet care professionals to put the animals in their care as their utmost priority.
On top of having exceptional handling skills, our students will learn outstanding grooming techniques to bring out the best in any companion animal as well as learn how to communicate effectively with pet guardians.
Graduates of Humane Grooming Institute for Companion Animals will go out to be strong advocates for voiceless animals.
We put animal welfare as priority
We choose the least stressful options available
We create a optimal environment for grooming procedures so as to reduce stress to the greatest extent for the animals
We strive to make each grooming session a less stressful in hope that the animal feels safe as soon as possible
We learn continually and keep an open mind to new knowledge which may help make grooming procedures less stressful
We explore new grooming techniques to bring out the best in every companion animal
We communicate with pet guardians on a regular basis to plan the best next course of action to help their animal family feel good and look good
HGICA Basic Professional Feline Grooming Assistant Program
HGICA Professional Feline Groomer Program
HGICA Professional Feline Groomer Upgrading Program
 NCGI Certified Feline Master Groomer Program (CFMG)