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Grooming Services

How is grooming different at Hey Good Cat?

We understand that grooming itself can be stressful, and we're big on helping cats thrive in grooming situations. Our team is made up of Low-Stress Handling Certified and Fear Free Certified professionals, and preventing and alleviating fear, stress and anxiety is the priority through our evidence-based approach. We take time to understand each and every cat's tolerance towards grooming, and customise our approach to encourage positive associations. 

For cats with behavioural challenges, we go with their pace instead of forcing them through a groom. We do not believe in aversive methods.

Potential stressors in the environment, such as the use of table loops/restraints are removed. We maintain a cage-free environment where each family of cats will roam separately from others. The grooming facility is designed with individual separate rooms, and the number of appointments are capped each day to maintain a calmer space for our furry friends.

Can I stay & watch my cat's grooming session?

Yes and you're encouraged to watch the entire grooming process to know what's going on :) We do seek your cooperation in keeping movements and voices minimal to reduce environmental triggers to your cats (and other cats) during their grooming session.

How long does it take to groom my cat?

A typical cat grooming session takes between 1 to 3 hours depending on the services required and if your feline friend has any special needs and requirements. These timings are a rough estimate:

Full Coat Groom

Short-Haired 1-1.5hrs | Long-Haired 1.5-2.5hrs

Full Coat Groom w/ Fur Trim

Short-Haired 1.5-2hrs | Long-Haired 2-3hrs 

My cat is reactive. Do you groom cats with aggressive tendencies?

We feel your struggles and strive our best to help each and every cat that comes through our door. We can and have successfully groomed many cats with behavioural challenges. As each cat is uniquely different, please reach out to us and discuss your concerns so we can better assess the situation. 

In order for grooming to happen, the minimum requirement is that you must be able to at least pick up your cat and in worst case scenarios, be able to put on an elizabethan collar for your cat. To uphold your cat's mental wellbeing, grooming procedures will be shortened if it's more than what your cat can handle.

Please feel free to bring along your cat's favourite treats and items from home that they find comforting.

Do note that there may be a service fee of $20 onwards if extra additional resources are required to complete the grooming service for your cat. (Many of our cat clients have graduated from this :))

My cat is sick/old and is unable to stand for prolonged periods. Are you able to groom my cat while ensuring its safety & comfort?

Many special needs cats have been and are entrusted to us over the years :) Do let us know during appointment booking if your cat is unable to stand or require special care, and we can plan additional time and manage the environment to cater for his/her needs.

What bath & grooming products do you use in the studio?

We mindfully select a range of gentle, no-nasties cat-friendly shampoos and conditioners that are plant-based & cruelty-free. They are generally gentle on the skin and we'll often pick the most suitable products according to the cat's skin condition. Feel free to ask our grooming specialists for the exact bath products used when you're in the studio.

If your cat has a vet-prescribed shampoo to be used, do bring along for the session.

My cat has sensitive skin and I’m quite concerned about the cleanliness of the grooming tools. Are your grooming tools sterile?

Tools are sterilised and contact surfaces disinfected between sessions with each cat client. You can be assured that we do not use dirty tools on your feline buddy.

I'm concerned about my cat getting exposed to fleas, mites and contagious disease in a grooming facility. How can you ensure the health & safety of my cat?

The studio employs a strict Parasite-free and Infectious Disease policy where cats with issues pertaining to flea/mite infestation and contagious illnesses (i.e. ringworm) are directed to be groomed offsite. The studio upholds stringent daily disinfections to safeguard the health of both our team and our feline friends.

What should I bring along to my cat's grooming session?

Can I leave my cat at the studio after grooming?

We encourage families to pick up their cats as soon as they are done with grooming (within half an hour from grooming completion) to minimise stressors for both their cats and other feline families.

How frequently should I schedule my cat for grooming?

Depending on the lifestyle and the needs of you and your cat, professional grooming is generally recommended every 6-8 weeks.

Feel free to consult our grooming specialists for a more specific duration for your cat.

In what situations a grooming deposit is required?


◦ Appointment is cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice

A deposit equivalent to your service is required to confirm your appointment slot. Deposit will be offset from the grooming bill, however in cases of no-show or last minute changes (24 hours before scheduled appointment), kindly understand that the deposit will be forfeited. We hope to encourage the practice of respect and consideration for others who are in need of an appointment :)

In the event where our groomers fall ill within the 24 hours window before your appointment and we're unable to make it for your pet's groom, we would priortise to offer the next best alternative to replace the session.

How long in advance should I book an appointment?

[UPDATE: We're currently closed for new bookings until further notice.]

Due to the nature of our grooming slots (capped daily to minimise stressors for our furry clients), slots are usually booked in advance and it is advisable to book at least 4 weeks ahead.

How do I book an appointment?

[UPDATE: We're currently closed for new bookings until further notice.]

WhatsApp us at 96563786 for appointment bookings. As our groomer specialists will be attending to grooming appointments during the day, kindly allow us 24-48 hours to respond to your queries.

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