Cat Grooming


Cat grooming is entirely different from dog grooming due to the different techniques, tools and handling skills involved in the grooming procedures. After all, we know cats and dogs have a completely different set of behaviour and anatomy, isn't it?

Served by animal people for the animals. Our grooming specialists are experienced in humane handling and attuned to our feline friends' behaviours. Your cat will be assessed and the necessary grooming procedures required will be advised and discussed with you. Prioritising your cat's welfare, we ensure that grooming goes through smoothly and stress is kept to a minimum. We strive to help your cat feel less stressed and more confident with each visit.

Each one of our grooming specialists have undergone vigorous theoretical and hands-on cat grooming training with Desmond Chan, SouthEast Asia's first and only Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) under National Cat Groomers Institute of America (NCGI) since 2013. In 2019, he's the first Singaporean NCGI approved trainer/certifier and he ensures that Hey Good Cat groomers provide only the best for our feline friends and guardians. 



Prices stated are onwards, depending on the cat's size, fur length and fur density

Short Hair Full Coat Groom $78 (no haircut)
i.e. Domestic Short Hair <5kg
Includes: nail clipping, ears, eyes and sanitary care with bath & fluff and finish with a thorough comb through

Long Hair Full Coat Groom $95 (no haircut)
Includes: Nail, ears, eyes and sanitary care with bath and fluff and finish with a thorough comb through


Lion Cut / $45 onwards
Comb Cut / $55 onwards
1/2 Belly Shave / $10 onwards
Belly Shave / $18 onwards
De-Shedding / $25 onwards
Toe Tuff/Ruff Trim / $17 onwards
Face Fur Trim / $19 onwards
Surcharges of $54 onwards apply for Fecal Removal / Severe Matting / Pelting / Biter

Pet Transport

We now offer weekday pick-up and drop off services for postal codes starting 38-48 at 20$ per one-way trip. Pick-up time is Mondays to Thursdays at 930am and drop-off time between 2-3pm. For Fridays, pick up time is 1130am and drop-off time is between 4-5pm.

Booking Appointments

WhatsApp us at 96563786 to fix an appointment. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.