• ① Before the Session

    ‣ Prep for our pre-groom meeting with any physical or behavioural concerns & needs your cat may have


    ‣ Bring along any vet-prescribed shampoos


    ‣ Ciao liquid treats are part of the session, let us know of any dietary needs and/or food sensitivities


    ‣ If your fur buddy finds comfort in your presence, you're welcome to be with them in the grooming room - remember to dress comfy for the furry situation!


    For all's health and safety, the studio can only groom cats currently free from fleas & mites. Schedule a free video consult with us for guidance if you're unsure - wouldn't want you to make a wasted trip!

  • ② On Arrival

    ‣ Hooray to being on time! We just have one teensy request: let's aim to arrive no earlier than 10mins before our appointment so you and your cat have plenty of room to stretch out in the studio!


    ‣ Oops! Running late? No sweat!

    We've got your back with a 15min grace period for those unpredictable moments. Thereafter, kindly take note that certain grooming procedures (e.g. bath & fluff) might need to be omitted due to time constraints. Omitted services wouldn't be charged.

  • ③ Picking Up Your Cat

    Your cat is ready to head home!


    ‣ You're advised to pick up catto in the 30min window post-grooming if you happen to be out and about, don't let your fur buddy wait too long! ;)


    ‣ Check through the groom and let the groomers know if anything needs a little extra attention. Ask away about the session too!

  • ④ Can't make the session?

    ‣ Can't make it to our appointment? We get it! We just have one little request: give us a quick heads up on WhatsApp at least 24 hours before. This way, another furry friend in need can take the spot you're leaving behind.


    ‣ Kindly understand that late cancellations and no-shows are subjected to a deposit for subsequent bookings, thank you!

Thank you & see you soon!

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