Groom‘n’Go Initiative

In this time of uncertainty, we've launched the Groom'n'Go Initiative to help ease some stress in meeting your fur buddies' grooming needs.

Over the years we've identified some of the grooming procedures where pet guardians need the most help with. Groom'n'Go is a no-frills grooming service to upkeep your cats' hygiene and comfort with essentials-only grooming procedures. A quick session with a much lower rate to minimise time outside home and hopefully to relief some financial stress you may have during this difficult time of the COVID-19. 

  • 15-20 mins session: reduces time outside home for you & your cats
  • Essentials-only services keeping cats comfortable for at least the next 3-4 weeks
  • Lower rates to relief financial stress
Services & Rates

Groom'n'Go consists of the following, priced at $45nett

  • Nail clipping 
  • Ears cleaning
  • Sanitary Shave
  • Underpaw Shave

Ala carte services available at $20 onwards.

Optional add-ons (Additional time required)

  • No-frills basic face trim* (+$20 onwards) - A basic, simple facial haircut that focuses on trimming hair around the eyes and mouth
  • Mat removal (+$20/10mins) - This can be avoided with regular and thorough combing and brushing at home :)

Please take note:

  • Bath'n'Fluff, brushing/combing are not included as these are generally more doable at home. For cats who require these services, kindly make an appointment for our standard grooming services instead
  • Cats who require more care (reactive, disabilities, old age, etc) are encouraged to go for our standard grooming services so we can cater more time and attention to your cat
  • Pet guardians are expected to pick up their cats as soon as the grooming is done. This is to ensure there's sufficient safety distance between each appointment.
  • Our strict Anti-Parasite policy applies. For the health & safety of other cats, cats with parasite and/or contagious issues cannot be allowed in the studio


Appointment Booking

To make an appointment for Groom‘n’Go, please WhatsApp us at 96563786 with these details:

  1. Your name:
  2. Your contact:
  3. Pet’s name:
  4. Pet’s breed:
  5. Any add-ons services required:
  6. Preferred day/time:
  7. I declare that my pet is free of any parasites or contagious issues: Yes/No
  8. I am willing to wait around and pick up my pet immediately after the grooming session is over: Yes/No