Groom ‘n’ Go Initiative

Amidst uncertainty of a nationwide lockdown, we have launched the Groom ‘n’ Go initiative to be on the safe side and help pets as well as their guardians tide through this period together.

The initiative aims to:

  • Reduce the time pets and their guardians spend out of home during grooming
  • Help pet guardians affected by the pandemic relief their financial strain
  • Prepare for the risk of a nationwide lockdown - grooming procedures done would be able to last for 3-4 weeks before another session is necessary

The Groom ‘n’ Go service is suitable for:

  • Pet guardians who can manage to brush, comb and shower their pets on their own
  • Pet guardians who are worried about lockdown impact and would like their pets basic physical needs to be met

Groom ‘n’ Go sessions take about 15 to 20 minutes and are priced at $45. It includes:

  1. Nail Clipping
  2. Ears and Eyes Cleaning
  3. Sanitary Shave
  4. Underpaw Shave 

Optional add-ons: (Additional time needed)

  1. No frills, basic face trim ($20 onwards)
  2. Mat Removal ($20/10mins)
  3. Alacarte services ($20/service)

Terms and Conditions: 

  1. Pet Guardians are expected to stay during the course of the groom as there won’t be enough space for pets to roam around after their grooming is done. They should be brought home as soon as they’re done.
  2. Bath and Fluff are not included 
  3. Brushing and combing are not included
  4. Aggressive pets are encouraged to go for our standard grooming services 
  5. Pets with parasites and/or contagious issues will not be allowed into the grooming studio

A private Facebook group would be set up and there will be live QnA segments or recorded videos uploaded on a weekly/biweekly basis where Hey Good Cat groomers will help with your DIY grooming/handling concerns

To book a Groom ‘n’ Go service, please WhatsApp 96563786 with these details:

  1. Pet Guardian name:
  2. Pet Guardian contact:
  3. Pet’s name: 
  4. Pet’s breed:
  5. Any add-ons: 
  6. Preferred day/time:
  7. I declare that my pet is free of any parasites or contagious issues: yes/no
  8. I would be willing to wait for my pet’s session to be over: yes/no


Lets get through this together!