From the founder

"Having been in the grooming scene for awhile, I noticed that our feline friends haven’t receive the grooming attention they need. Perpetuated by the lack of information and misconceptions, there wasn’t enough industry education on cat care and grooming in Singapore, much less the number of trained professionals. I’ve always wanted to know how to meet the grooming needs of my rescued cat Cookie, and to give proper advice to fellow cat guardians on how to do so, yet I was lacking the knowledge and technical know-hows. That’s when I decided to learn from the world’s best at America’s National Cat Groomers Institute.

Grooming at Bubbly Petz made me realise the urgency to drive change in the industry; more and more cat guardians came to us needing help for their cats who were traumatised from previous grooming experiences. Hey Good Cat is then born with the mission to raise the standard of cat care and grooming in Singapore through education, and to nurture a generation of compassionate and competent professionals to meet the psychological and physical needs of our feline friends."

Let's raise the bar together,

With love & kindness, Desmond