Meet the Team: Syazana Izzati

Meet the Team: Syazana Izzati

It is a common misconception that all cats hate grooming and would be reactive in most scenarios. Being lovers of cats and having groomed so many, we believe that it is how we introduce grooming and interact with the cats that makes them react the way they do. 

Meet Syazana Izzati, known as Zana, our Pet Grooming Specialist for Hey Good Cat. Known for her abilities as a cat whisperer and her signature head rubs which amazingly calms many cats in her care.

One thing you wish people knew about grooming cats?

Grooming cats isn’t as easy as it seems, you need tons and tons of patience. Furthermore, we don’t always get friendly and outgoing cats. Sometimes, we gotta groom them fast, sometimes we gotta groom them slowly. All cats are different and we need to learn about them, accepting and adapting to the ways they react to grooming.


"All cats are different and we need to learn about them, accepting and adapting to the ways they react to grooming."


Favourite and most memorable grooming moment?

I have a few but my main favourite grooming moment is when my team and I managed to complete the cat’s groom even though we were told that other groomers weren’t able to groom the cat (due to the cat’s difficult behaviour). I felt a huge sense of accomplishment after the groom. It felt great, being able to assist the cat in it’s grooming to help keep them clean while minimising the stressful factors that may arise while grooming.

Another of my favourite is when I use my famous massaging/head rub techniques to calm the cats and it actually works! Most of them do very much enjoy the rubs (but some just wants to bite my fingers off).

Tell us about your cats, and any wisdom they imparted that you’ve been bringing to the grooming studio?

I have multiple cats (surprising).. all rescued! And I believe that I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for them. This is despite having sleepless nights due to their constant meowing and kneading on me while I’m asleep. It’s through them that I’ve learnt to remain calm and have patience. It helps me bring this energy into the studio to help everyone create a zen atmosphere. #goodvibezonly

Do you have a superpower?

I used to do 3D animation in school even though I have 0 talent in drawing anything 3D related (including drawing a 3D cube). But hey, I managed to pass with flying colours! I think that my ability to work through the challenges I face and adapt well is my secret power.

Tell us two truths and a lie

a. I hated cats when I was younger

b. I am afraid of butterflies

c. I can't eat spicy foods

Did you guess it?!



Ans: b



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