Meet the Team: Bella Wong

Meet the Team: Bella Wong

Full-time student, full-time cat mom, part-time cat groomer. Excelling at that many tasks is no easy feat yet Bella still finds time to care for her community cats. Meet Bella Wong 🐈 our Pet Grooming Specialist who has a soft spot for our feline friends - recently graduated in English Literature (congrats!) and has a lifelong aspiration of being a Crazy Cat Lady 🤪 

Being a cat mom and a cat groomer, what do you think is one grooming skill that every guardian should pick up?

I would say brushing is the most important skill as not only does it help keep your pets’ coat clean and healthy, it also helps to prevent mats (for long-haired pets) which can be very painful for them. It is also one of the easier grooming skills to master so it’s definitely a good start if you’re new to grooming!

Has learning about grooming helped with pet care at home?

My cat, Olivia, is usually very sweet and loving, but when it comes to grooming she is a little fluffy terror. Her previous grooming place was unable to groom her as she would bite and scratch at anyone who came near. I tried to groom her myself at home where she would at least respond to treats (she wouldn’t at the groomer’s because she was too scared) and the treats distracted her just enough to allow me to at least cut her nails. After I started working here I learnt a lot about low-stress techniques in grooming such as the importance of maintaining a calm and positive energy. I also realised that little things such as holding the shower head closer to the cat’s body would actually help to decrease the noise level which lowers their stress levels significantly! My cat has become a lot more tolerant to grooming over months of applying such techniques and taking the time to get her used to grooming; the scars on my arms have also been greatly reduced!

Bella + Olivia

Bella + Olivia

Favourite thing about working with the team?

Definitely getting to know people from all walks of life! Everyone on the team is very different and unique in their own way, and I’ve loved getting to know each and every one of them :) It is always fun to tease each other about our quirks (though it’s not so fun when it’s directed at me 🤪)

Work aside, tell us something about you!

I taught myself to knit because I was at the UK Harry Potter Studio years ago and wanted to buy one of the official scarves but it was 50sgd and I was too broke for that. Now I not only have my very own handmade Gryffindor scarf, I’ve also made lots of copies of things I’m too broke to buy and presents for my friends. My latest projects were a scrunchie for my best friend and a hat for Zana’s cats!

Tell us two truths and a lie.

a. I once completed a marathon

b. I used to be in a lion dance troupe

c. I like to visit graveyards when I'm on a holiday

Did you guess it right?




ans: a

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