Cat Retreat

Sometimes we dream about an ideal world where our fur buddies can follow us everywhere. However when life happens, more often than not we're forced to leave them behind for a bit while we attend to all those responsibilities of being an adult :(  And while we are away we can't help but to think of them; wondering what they're up to, worrying if they're are comfortable and well-taken care of. We've been there and we feel you */sheds tears.

But what if they can be having fun while you're busy dealing with life (see who has the last laugh here */meows)? Hey Good Cat brings your cat a Home Away from Home.

Wake me up when you're done

Each penthouse is the size of a single-sized double-decked bunk bed designed to allow them to jump and hide and play. Plus we only take in a maximum of four families at a time to ensure your cat receives the attention they need.


  1. One penthouse per family of cat/s, with a max. of 3 cats in one.
  2. 24/7 live CCTV access so you know what your little ones are up to.
  3. Double-decked penthouses designed for comfort, fun and safety.
  4. Delegated play time in the Common Area facilitated by our cat care professionals.
  5. Non-toxic, air-purifying GUSH paint is used in the cat retreat area together with air purifiers to ensure fresh, healthy air for our feline guests.
  6. Penthouses are always sanitised with non-toxic, pet-friendly and cruelty-free disinfectant because that's what we'd do for our own pets.

On top of these..

  • Each penthouse has individual locks to ensure safety and security of our feline guest. 
  • Our cat retreat is exclusive only for cats that have been groomed and assessed by our cat grooming professionals at Hey Good Cat to ensure a parasite-free facility.
  • The Common Area is sanitised and cleaned after each family of cat/s' use.
  • We've seen how cats meet and then things turn ugly. To prevent that we ensure that at no one time cats from different families will interact/meet.
  • Special arrangements can be made for cats who require more care during their stay, let us know!
  • We're equipped with the procedures required in case of veterinarian emergency


1-hour Playtime: $19


  • Live CCTV access
  • Penthouse usage for an hour

Half-day (4-hour) Short Stay: $49, includes:

  • Live CCTV access
  • Penthouse usage for 4 hours
  • 1 meal time
  • 1 15 minutes supervised playtime at Common Area

Full-day (9-hour) Retreat: $79, includes: 

  • Live CCTV access
  • Penthouse usage for 9-hour
  • 1-2 meal times
  • 2 15 minutes supervised playtime at Common Area
  • 1 brushing/combing session

2nd cat onwards: 40% discount daycare rates

* Terms & Conditions apply, please read our Grooming & Retreat Policy